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Genetic diversity of maize (Zea mays L.) accessions using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers
Research advances in diseases of Panax notoginseng
An assessment of 23S-4.5S-5S rDNA ITS in sugarcane related genera and species
Efficacy of praziquantel against Centrocestus formosanus metacercariae infections in common carp(Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus)
Advances in breeding improved varieties of Litopenaeus vannamei
Quality analysis and evaluation of rice varieties from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Effects of genotype and nutrition on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat properties of goats in Laos
 Effect of calcium silicate fertilizer on soil characteristics, sugarcane nutrients and its yield parameters
Regeneration of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus free sugarcane plantlets through meristem culture
Preliminary report on the introduction test of Musa AAB Group Fenjiao variety Fenza 1 in Guangxi
Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in sugarcane fields of Southeastern Guangxi
Advances in physiological mechanisms of spikelet fertility in rice at flowering stage under high temperature stress
Construction of bivalent plant expression vector with cold-induced gene of Chorispora bungeana in sugarcane
Research advances on Siraitia grosvenorii
Breeding of new high-yield, high-sugar and lodging-resistant sugarcane variety Guitang 42 and its high-yield
cultivation technique
Adaptability of a new flue-cured tobacco variety Yunyan 97 in Baise tobacco-growing areas
Comparative analysis of Pleurotus geesteranus-style Pleuotus ostreatu cultivars in high temperature
Effects of fertilizer rate and planting density on yield and its components of GT29
Evaluation on biological characteristics and fruit quality of eleven introduced lemon varieties
Optimization of PCR reaction systems of AFLP and SRAP for Momordica charantia L. and their utilization comparison
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