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Cloning, sequence analysis of GAD gene from indica rice and its plant expression vector construction
Cloning of EPSPS gene and construction of its expression vector
Diversity of NBS-LRR disease-resistance gene analogs
in Hevea brasiliensis
Effects of hormone on callus induction of peanut root
Impact of natural soil drought stress on protective enzyme system in root system of sugarcane seedlings
Screening high-yield peanut varieties under single-seed planting in dry-land
An assessment of 23S-4.5S-5S rDNA ITS in sugarcane related genera and species
Effect of different rootstocks on tree growth, fruit quality and N, P, K content in Fino 47 lemon trees
Detection and identification of banana Fusarium wilt pathogen (FOC4) in Guangxi
Genetic diversity amongst 45 main rice cultivars in Guangxi
Pyramiding brown planthopper genes, bph20 (t) and bph21(t), and rice blast resistant gene Pi9 in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Yield and output value of flue-cured tobacco K326 under various ratio of N to K
Survey of frost and cold damage on sugarcane production in Guangxi in 2010/2011 milling season and countermeasures
Species diversity of different communities in meadow steppe natural reserve under different disturbances
Advances in tissue culture of Liriodendron
Optimization of PCR technique for detecting sugarcane ratoon stunting disease
Research progress in plant chromosome samples preparation and karyotype analysis
Comparative analysis of some new sugarcane varieties (lines) for agronomic traits and drought resistance
Ratoon stunting disease resistance evaluation on sugarcane germplasm resources
Evaluation on antifungal activity of different polar fractions of Enphorbia lunulata Bag obtained from Northwestern Hubei
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